Portrait Information.

Price:  Euro 1750 plus any travel or other costs.   28cm x 28cm paper size.  Celebrities will be charged a higher price due to the additional time,  difficulty and discretion required.  Travel and travel time is charged on a cost plus basis to be agreed. 

SPECIAL OFFER FOR JULY AND AUGUST 2013.  Five portraits can be booked during this period for Euros 950. This applies only for private orders and is limited to one per family.  It does not include costs such as travel or photography.  

Petra Rau's Portraits are created by combining watercolor and ink pen techniques to produce a uniquely vibrant image.  They are an ideal size for modern houses.  

Petra Rau aims to capture elements the person's personality.  She will not "beautify" the subject.  Each person will fall under the eye of a trained and astute observer.  The idea is to capture the "real you", no make-up, no photo-shop.  If you are looking for a glamourised, touched up, fashion magazine style image, this is not for you.  

Ms Rau prefers to take her own photographs of the subject and spends some time getting to know the person.   Where the cost associated with travelling to take the photos is prohibitive, Ms Rau will assist you in getting a choosing a suitable image whether from a professional photographer or from your own camera. 

To order or get additional information:  Contact Petra, form below.  

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